Book 11 of 2018 – I Let You Go

First of all, I have a confession to make. I’ve tried twice to read this book, but moved on after a couple of pages each time.

Last Sunday and throughout the week I persevered. Despite only reading a few pages at a time at work, I made a real attempt last night.

11pm until 4am I was fixated on this book.


Oh. My. God.

What a story!

Poor little Jacob loses his life to a hit-and-run accident, the driver flees and a year later the police still have no idea who was involved.

Ray and Kate make a strong detective team and refuse to give up on finding justice for Jacob.

What they do find is more than you can ever imagine. Join these characters on the journey from hell as they battle through family troubles, grief, loss and unsolved crimes…

I’m incredibly envious of the construction of the twists and turns in this novel. I would never have predicted any of them and I simply couldn’t put the book down.

I’m exhausted today but it was totally worth it for the book!

My rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars 🤩

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