Who runs the world? GIRLS!

Ladies and lovelies, happy Tuesday!

Apologies on the delay of this blog post, I’ve been a little busy the past few days.

So, to run alongside my men’s fashion post and the manners post, here’s one for us ladies.

Just a little background info. Until I was 15 I practically LIVED in sports wear – trackies, football shirts, football shorts, football shoes, baggy socks, hoodies, track jackets… I’m not kidding. I wore no make up, I didn’t really do anything with my hair… I was a total tomboy! Unashamedly so as well.


When I first moved to England I had ABSOLUTELY no idea about make up, none at all. Or fashion for that matter. Most of the time I looked ridiculous, in my opinion. Once I went to uni I quickly learned more about fashion, make up, how to do my hair better. I had people nicely, and not so nicely, suggest what to wear or some of my friends would kindly help me out with make up. Finally, I tried to tidy myself up a bit.

These days, I don’t follow the trends in terms of what I buy/wear. I don’t like to, but I do keep an eye out for what’s hot / not just out of interest. I enjoy following fashion blogs or trendy people on instagram, sort of kind of wishing I dressed a little more like them. However, I’m mostly pretty casual.

Some of my favourite trendy ladies, who are also absolutely lovely people, are below:

Lucy: @lucyjmitchell and her blog is LOVELUCYJANE
I used to go to the same school as Lucy and her partner, and it’s crazy to see how much she’s changed since I first knew her nearly 10 years ago! Her make up is always 110% gorgeous and her style is casual but always trendy.


Alice: @alicerebecca
Whilst her instagram consists of housing decor, beautiful baby photos and more, her fashion sense is bold, quirky and charming all in one! I always love seeing what she’s styled up…


Rebecca: @rebeccajaydex and her blog is: REBECCAJAYDEX
This lovely lady runs a fantastic blog and her instagram is always full of cuteness and positivity. I’ve been following her for over 2 years now and whether she’s posting baby photos, home decor or fashion it’s always delightful. I don’t know how Rebecca manages to be so stylish, but she’s one of my ultimate faves! She’s casual, not at all over-the-top and she always looks so comfy!


Pauline: @paw.lean and her blog is: PAWLEAN 
I’ve already mentioned Pauline in my New Year, New Me (Just joking!) blog post but this woman is amazing. Not only is she highly motivational, always positive and smashing the hell out of her goals on a daily basis, she’s an absolute darling. She’s often in gym wear, but when she’s not her style is cute, trendy and things I would never look good in!


And finally, for the fashion inspos, but not at all the least,

Katie!: @katie_did_what and her blog is: KATIEDIDWHAT
I’ve been following Katie and her wonderful family for over two years (roughly) and she never fails to make me smile. This lady is so honest about life, yet always so positive. She’s adorable and her family give me so much hope for my future. Her style is really casual, but she always manages to make it look SO trendy! Plus, the clothes her little ones wear are also totally cute. If you’re not following her, you have to!


Now, moving on to my instagram poll results…

Thanks to everyone who voted! Although some of the boys thought it would be funny to add their two pence to the ladies’ questions, so I had to filter out their votes.

Q: Men, do you care what women wear?
24 said yes, 5 said no

Q: Men, do you like ladies that wear false nails / eyelashes / fake tan? 
5 said yes, 18 said no

Q: Ladies, do you care how you dress?
A: 34 said yes, 4 said no

Q: Ladies, do you wear jeans or leggings more often?
A: 32 said jeans, 14 said leggings – surprising! Jeans can be so uncomfortable!

Q: Ladies, do you prefer skirts / dresses or jeans?
A: 16 said skirts / dresses and 23 said jeans – this was surprising as I see so many ladies wearing lovely skirts and dresses these days, and I always think how uncomfortable they are in the winter, because usually you have to wear tights too! 

Q: Ladies, do you care about make up?
A: 29 said yes, 13 said no – this didn’t surprise me, as so many of us love a bit of make up, right?

Q: Ladies, Do you wear a lot of make up?
A: 16 said yes and 27 said no – which also didn’t surprise me as most of the girls I know are quite subtle with their make up, but perhaps not a true representation of everyone?

Q: Ladies, how much do you spend on clothes each week?
A: 36 said less than £30,
2 said more than £30
5 said more than £60 and,
2 said more than £100 – personally, I sit in the first bracket. I try hard not to waste money on clothes, because I’m still trying to lose weight and I wear a similar style all year round.

Q: Ladies, do you prefer heels or flats?
A: 7 said heels, 34 said flats – I’m with you on the flats ladies!

Q: Ladies, do you prefer comfy or smart shoes?
A: 30 said comfy, 6 said smart – and I’m in total agreement with the comfort!

Q: Ladies, do you care about your hair? (Nice rhyming, Claire!)
A: 33 said yes, 7 said no – how can you not care about your hair?

Q: Ladies, do you make sure your nails look nice?
A: 18 said yes, 20 said no! – Wait, what? No? But why not?

Q: Ladies, do you wear fake eyelashes / nails / tan?
A: Only 7 said yes, 29 said no – Now even I occasionally wear false nails, because there’s nothing worse than nails that don’t look pretty, in my opinion!

aaaaaaaaaaaaand finally

Q: Ladies, do you prefer high street or designer fashion?
A: 35 said high street, 6 said designer – I’m with you high street fashion-lovers! 

In all honesty, I wasn’t sure how the results would turn out and in most answers I fit into the majority vote. Is that a reflection of my friends / followers? Maybe. I enjoyed working towards this post and I honestly hope you’ve enjoyed reading it!

If you have any comments about ladies fashion, please leave them below!


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