Book 2 of 2018: Matt Haig

Okay so, on January 1st I read Double Act and on January 2nd I finished Matt Haig‘s How to Stop Time in one sitting.

I just want to emphasize what a genius this man is with his words. It’s not that this idea is necessarily new, we’ve all thought about people living forever, but the way that this book has been written is so beautiful, heart-breakingly sad but also full of life lessons.

Be brave. Don’t take people for granted. Stand up for yourself. Don’t let good opportunities pass you by. Take care of the ones you love.

The story alternates between different centuries but focuses on the main character Tom and I couldn’t put the book down because I just had to find out what was happening next.  

Whatever I tell you will ruin the story so I will say no more, but please, PLEASE read this book.



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