Deutschland: hab dich lieb

So my trip to Germany started at 4:30 this morning, which is never a pretty time to wake up.

We stayed at the Hampton Hilton hotel at Stansted airport and it was lovely, brand new and full of festive spirit! I’d definitely recommend staying there if you’re ever flying out early. Comfy bed / rooms and breakfast is from 4-11am! Check out what I had… #pig

It was absolutely freezing outside but once we were inside the airport we were checked in pretty quickly ! We flew RyanAir, and surprise surprise we had absolutely no issues! Lovely lady at bag drop and service was good throughout the journey.

To my surprise there is a Harris + Hoole Coffee shop in Stansted and that definitely made my morning. One of the best cups of coffee I’ve had in a looooong time! Plus, they were selling Clever Drippers at £12 – an absolute steal! (My sister bought it for me as a Christmas present – wooo!)

There were sooooo many shops in Stansted and we didn’t have any time at all to look, which is terribly disappointing considering I could have bought just about one of everything – from perfumes to gift sets to the massive Baileys bottles… accessorize, boots, superdry and so many more shops!

Despite the hour delay from London, we made up the time due to strong winds – yay! Dad was waiting with warm pretzels 🥨 and Apfel schörle – two of my favourite things in the world! Talk about pure happiness!

And the ground was covered in snow for miles and miles – it was such a stunning sight to see on our drive to Rüdesheim… our friends own the fantastic, friendly, homely Rüdesheimer Hof 💕

We had a lovely lunch with our friends at a table we’ve sat at every year for as long as I’ve been alive. They prepared breads, salads, tagliatelle with lemon butter, wine, Sekt and little cookies for afterwards. It filled me with such warmth that it wasn’t long before i was enjoying a nap, under the world’s comfiest duvet!

Post-nap, mum and I went shopping in the little shop in the hotel lobby – it’s full of the most gorgeous gifts from jewellery to cushions to scarves and more. I treated myself to a beautiful golden heart necklace, and mum finished off her Christmas shopping (I think.)

Once everyone had napped, powered up and layered up, we finally set off to explore the beautiful Weihnachtsmarkt– Christmas Market! Oh my, it was just wonderful. Music from every corner, lights of all shapes and sizes, Christmas trees outside of every shop, Glühwein, cookies, chips, crepes, wine, souvenirs, postcards, Christmas decorations… it was so festively fantastic! We wandered round and round for nearly 3 hours until the freezing cold finally got the better of us… and we retired to our rooms.

Dad has just bought us a tray of teapots, cups and peppermint tea for us to enjoy before bed, with some traditional Lebkuchen ❤️ and on that note, I think I’m ready for bed.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

I love Germany xo

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