Death Angels Book Review

“Wild birds plow their way through the far reaches of space. How many never reach their final destination. But what difference does that make? They die free.”

Chief Inspector Erik Winter is a respected man based in Gothenburg, a man with a ‘more than meets the eye’ air about him in this first book of the series. Written in Swedish by Åke Edwardson, and translated into English by Ken Schubert, this detective / crime story has us grasping at straws for crimes to be solved before it’s too late. Winter flies over to London in attempt to team up with Detective Steve MacDonald, but can they push their differences aside and work together?    

The main characters have a basic background, a certain amount of depth and their own quirks, without there being lengthy paragraphs about them. Smaller characters are there to support the main characters, to add ‘suggestions’ or show us more about about them without dragging it all out. I loved Erik Winter as there is clearly more to learn about him in the following books, and that is part of what kept me reading on!

The narrative switches between London and Gothenburg, yet it isn’t meant to be a trick or a diversion, it simply works well in keeping the story moving forward, along with the mystery that keeps you wondering what is going to happen next. In fact, I began to wonder if the detectives will ever figure it all out… Thankfully it isn’t gory or full of sickening details, even though the crimes couldn’t be much worse.

100% worth reading if you’re a fan of mystery and crime, however I wouldn’t say it comes under ‘thriller’ as my heart barely raced! I am using this as a book for my 2017 PopSugar Reading Challenge as a book by an author from a country you have never been to. I used Jo Nesbø’s The Bat as the book for the first in a series I’ve never read.

P.S. This is my first book review so please let me know if I’ve done something wrong or if you have any suggestions for me – thanks!

Nitty Gritty details

My rating: ★★★★
Date started: Feb 3rd, 2017 // Date finished: Feb 5th, 2017
Genre: Crime / mystery
Author: Åke Edwardson & Transltor: Ken Schubert

Paperback, 304 pages
Published September 29th 2009 by Penguin Books (first published 1997)
Available on Amazon starting at £3

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