Minty Polka Dots

So you may, or may not, be aware that mint is the new in colour.

Fantastic, right?

Well, it’s a great colour, but not when every single girl you come across is wearing it in a jumper, or on their nails because then it becomes boring, monotonous and basically, an overkill.


Last year a bought a teenie bottle of Max Factor mint coloured nail varnish and it lasted me forever. I never took the colour off because I liked it so much! Just as my bottle ran out after Christmas I started seeing quite a lot of mint popping up in the stores, and now it’s everywhere you look. I was going to take a stand and not wear it, but I can’t help it.

So… on my day of procrastinating an awfully boring essay. I’m doing a bit of nail art.

Nothing fancy but using my favourite colours.. So here we go.


1. Kelly Brook Royal Mint £2.99 from New Look

Opinion: Really not that great. It’s streaky and the brush is quite hard.
I definitely won’t be buying this brand again

2. Bourjois So Laque! Blue Fabuleux (60) £8.99 from Boots Ta-Dah!

Opinion: A beautiful colour, gorgeous! But it definitely is not a 7-day wear. It chipped very quickly, within the next day and for the price it’s very dissapointing.

3. Rimmel 60 seconds Sky High (825) £1.00 sale from Wilkinson RRP is £5.99 I believe.

Opinion: Fantastic deep turquoise colour. Quick dry. Long lasting and a thick, flat brush which makes the application much smoother. I have a lot of colours from this brand and would recommend buying it if you see a colour you like.

4. Maybelline Color Show (Street artist top coat) White Splatter (02) £3.99 from Boots Ta-Dah! or Superdrug


Opinion: LOVE this nail varnish so much. It goes really well with purple, turquoise/mint and pale colours like nude, pink or white and has a great effect. They come in tiny glitter pieces, bigger dots, thin lines or tiny hexagon shapes in the colours of white, purple and turquoise. Doesn’t seem to chip and looks really funky. Definitely recommend buying this, even in other colours as they sell 4 or 5.


In the end I went for blue polka dots, a sky high stripe and white splatter on my ring finger!

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