Go Sober!

I have decided to join the thousands of people going sober for October this year! In order to raise money for Macmillan, the cancer support charity!

I know people have this general idea that all students do is drink, sleep, party, waste their student loan on the latest trends – and for a lot of people, they’re right!

HOWEVER. Long gone are my days of boozing all night, stumbling home at 4am and sleeping into the late afternoon of the following day, wallowing in self-pity over a ranging headache.

That doesn’t mean I don’t like my drinks! I love wine. There aren’t many days where I go without a glass, or half. Or two!

But I’ve decided to give it all up in hope to raise a good amount of money for this wonderful charity!

I’m hoping to do some fundraisers like a bake sale or maybe a girly afternoon.. but for now I’m relying on the kindness of you readers! (and family and friends of course!)

I’ll try and update this blog as I go along.. hopefully I’ll find other people who are doing it and I can find out what they’re doing to raise money, how they’re finding the absence of alcohol!

If anyone would like to donate even the smallest amount, please do! It will be greatly appreciated.


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