Guten morgen, Deutschland

Hello! Back on my travels again… This time in Germany. After this morning, I will try an update every day. So please excuse the double post and cramming of photographs, there are quite a few already!

After having to wake up at 3am on Monday morning, we had a fairly long journey considering we are just over the little stretch of sea. The flight was great, when we finally checked in through the backlog of people waiting to get on flights after theirs had been cancelled the day before. We had a bacon and tomato croissant – deeeelicious! and had landed before we had time to think.

I was itching to have a real pretzel and an Apfel schorle! Which thankfully we bought as soon as we reached the other side of the airport. When we picked up the car, which was meant to be a Volvo people carrier it turns out Dad’s friend upgraded us with something a little more special. A BMW 520i station wagon. An absolute beast of a car.

We were in Rüdesheim in time for lunch and it was great to see everyone again!
We had a walk around the market place and then along the river, had a nap and then went to dinner at a great place that we’ve all been going to for years called Da Toni! A lovely little place which does great Gnocchi! We stayed out past 11 and were the last to leave aside from the staff, but what a fantastic evening!


Another fantastic day! Woke up in time for breakfast with the parents! First German breakfast in years, and so worth the wait! Everything was just fantastic. We went to Wiesbaden for a couple of hours, and had a Karstadt lunch which to be honest was pretty rubbish! before heading off to see some fantastic family friends.

They live in a place called St. Goarshausen set quite out of the way and it’s so peaceful. Mum and Dad stayed there for their honeymoon and have been going back ever since, mainly with us! we’ve grown up around this family and they have always taken care of us, kept in touch, bought us presents, made us cakes. They are such incredibly wonderful people. It was just so fantastic to go back and see everyone after FIVE YEARS! the grounds are beautiful as well, with so many memories.

After talking for hours, we rushed back to Rüdesheim to get ready for dinner with the Heymach family.. Probably our oldest friends! or should I say, friends we have known the longest.

We went to a restaurant, castle, land, called Schloss Vollrads… What an absolutely stunning place. We sat on the terrace and when the temperature finally cooled down it was perfect. I ate about ten baskets of bread, and a delicious blattsalat! We drunk about 7 different wines and most of them were given to us by a very funny, generous man named Dr. Hepp. It was a hilarious evening, and everything was perfect.
Now I’m just about to start day three.

Bis später! ❤

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