Wherever next?

To Blanford Forum!

Yes, mother and I once again found a random place on the map and drove off for the afternoon. What an absolutely gorgeous day! Relatively warm, not a single cloud in the sky and flowers in bloom all over the place.

We had a quick coffee break in a lovely cafe / bakery – the smell of fresh bread is just the best, but it was a little annoying to have to sit amongst spilt sugar particles and scattered breadcrumbs.

We wandered through the many charity shops, giggling away at the most random of books we found – ‘Hinglish for beginners ; a mix of South Asian languages and English’ and ‘How to speak cat’ – how on earth did books like this get published?!


There were some really quirky gift shops as well, which are always great for collecting throughout-the-year presents. I stumbled across a copy of Oliver Twist that was printed in 1920 with a beautiful brown and gold cover. I definitely wasn’t leaving that on the shelf.

We had a stroll through the town garden which had dozens of tulips and daffodils in rings around low-grown trees. It was so peaceful and I easily could have lay on one of the memorial benches, in the warmth of the sun.


Instead, mum hurried me along so we could see if anything else was open.

The little town was surrounding by the country side, full of horses, sheep, cows and absolutely stunning houses. I certainly wouldn’t mind living anywhere around that area.

It was just great to go and explore another little Dorset town, and maybe next time we’ll venture over a bit earlier so things aren’t closed when we arrive.

Night all! xo


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