A morning with mum ❤

Firstly, to any of you who have been enjoying my posts so far, I apologize for the severe lack of updates in the last two weeks. It has been a real struggle emotionally to get about my normal life, let alone blog about anything interesting that has happened. I’m just so grateful I have some amazing friends, family and tutors as a support network. Those of you who know, thank you and those of you that don’t, there’s no need to worry! … Moving onwards!

After an incredibly stressful 3/4 weeks of trying to finish the most awful assignment, it was finally printed off and handed in this morning.. and before I start the next one tonight, I wanted a few hours for my poor brain to heal itself.

Mum and I drove over to Wimborne. It’s been a while since the two of us explored anywhere new in Dorset and since the sun was shining it was the perfect place to go! It was such a beautiful town. Hanging baskets everywhere, barrels of flowers and bunting strung from post to shop to rooftop!

Mum was freezing and needed her caffeine fix ASAP so we stopped in a little cafe called Cloisters. It was very sweet, with polkadot table cloths, vintage books and wooden toys placed on shelves on the walls. The staff were all smiley  and polite, the tea cake we had was huuuuuuuuge… and my mocha was delicous! The prices for what we had were fine, everything else on the menu looked a little pricey.

The church is placed right in the centre of the town, surrounded by cafes, shops and gardens and even from the outside it looks beautiful. I was instantly taken aback by how stunning the architecture was on the inside. I love churches, I always have done.
The stained windows were amazing, so colourful! and with the sun shining straight through them it really lit the place up. There was a chained library and a lady giving information about it. A little table where you could light candles and some papers to write a prayer. There were men wandering around offering advice and information, they were lovely! 
There were information leaflets everywhere, a little gift shop full of bibles, jewellery  postcards and a few little keepsakes. Of course, lots of donation boxes as well, which if anyone does visit, please donate!

Places like that take so much money and care to keep them as beautiful as they are. I felt so immensely calm once I walked away and I really couldn’t understand why.  I never know if you’re allowed to take pictures in churches. Some you can, some you can’t. So I tried not to take too many, I didn’t want to upset anyone but the one I’ve included below is my favourite.
I bought myself a little prayer card, and mum bought me a bookmark, which I thought were both really sweet. The town was lovely, so many individual, unique shops and I was full of happiness just wandering around picking everything up, wishing I had millions of spare pounds lying around to buy everything. I did buy my friend something though, I thought after everything he’s bought me the least I could do was get something for him.

As we weren’t quite ready to go home, we drove over to Ringwood for lunch, to a pub we have been to a few times with my dad. It’s such a wonderful place. The gardens are lovely, the place is full of old pictures, lovely staff and just fantastic food! I had a homemade burger and chips. Deeeeeeeeelicious!!

So, it’s been a fairly wonderful morning.

and TGIF everyone xo

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