Day ten. Transit.

Today was the final day with everyone. Dad was heading off to a place that sounds like ciabatta whilst I headed home, leaving mum and the puppy alone again in Mumbai.

I awoke at the crack of dawn from another rough nights sleep, drifting in and out of vague dreams, debating whether or not to get up and watch football, which I decided against in the end. I didn’t want to leave. Not at all. Not any part of me wanted to leave my mum, my dog, or come back to this dull country.

We went for our routine morning dog walk, upon which we came across a dead, bloodied, headless pigeon – which sparked this silly conversation.

•mum: oh that’s probably the crows that have done that
•me: ewww why would anyone eat a pigeons head?!
•mum: I don’t know darling, I’m not a crow.

We had a less than average breakfast – once again there were no pancakes, the fruit was all pale and the jams were 3 months out of date.

cereal, plain toast, raisin muffin, coffee

dad having a huge dosa for breakfast!

It was horrible having to say goodbye to my Dad, I hate not knowing when I’ll be able to see him again. It’s even worse saying goodbye to my dog as she gets so upset and sulky when she sees a suitcase, she wouldn’t have a cuddle. What should be the easiest goodbye is always the worst and it continuously gets harder, saying bye to my mum. I’m going to see her in 6 weeks for goodness sake.

goodbye Chippy
us hanging out in my room

The drive to the airport was quite quick and straight forward, but hanging around in the airport with no decent food or wifi was a nightmare. People were rude, unhelpful and it was just getting annoying.

20130411-233819.jpg£2.90 for a latte and a muffin

tried to sit on the floor away from people

The flight was okay, I had a nap here and there but mostly got on with my book Swimming Pool Library, watched ‘This is 40’ – great film, hilarious! and sat next to a young guy in the army! He put my bags up for me, got me drinks, offered to share his meal with me. Such a lovely guy!
Once I arrived in Heathrow I instantly felt that familiar sense of agitation, disappointment at the usual unfriendly manner of nearly everyone I bumped into. Unsurprisingly the coach driver wouldn’t let me get on his early bus, so I waited in Costa for over 2 hours.

I’m now nicely tucked up in bed, with my bear and blanket. My babies ❤

Thank you to all my new followers, I should have followed back! Thanks to everyone who has liked and commented as well 🙂 hopefully I can carry on finding interesting things to blog about now I’m back in England.

also a thought for today, is that there’s always someone on your mind that you want to share (parts of) your day with right?

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