Day nine in Mumbai.

My final full day in Mumbai and I woke up determined to enjoy it, despite the continuous reminder that tomorrow I would once again be saying goodbye to my parents and my dog.

The breakfast was awful, such a poor selection and none of it looked nice. We had a walk around the compound before mum and I set off to one of local markets. It was fantastic!! There were tonnes of fruit, vegetables, fabrics and various little trinkets. Most of the people were quite friendly unlike the last market we went to, so it was really nice to wander around.

Then we went to a mall that was quite close to the apartments, we went last week but didn’t look properly. We saw some fantastic little keyrings, God statues, shot glasses with patterns of faces wearing coloured turbans! (too cute, but over £5 so I just couldn’t justify buying it!)!
We had a pita and falafel for lunch, for £1 including fresh lime juice! And had a look round the supermarket before we went home.

Asian supermarkets do make me miss being an expat.. They are so funny.


I sat by the pool for a few hours, added a little tan to my skin, half-swum for a whole as well. It was a really hot afternoon and mum and I ordered some chips and a coke float and just hung out at the pool.


Mum and I walked around the local area in search of some gifts for me to take back and I managed to find some in the supermarket. Everyone was staring at me because I had shorts on, they were so rude, but there were a few nice people that smiled back when I did to them.

When Dad had finished his swim we headed out to dinner, but not before stopping at an INDIAN MCDONALDS!!

they had loads of veggie things and it was so odd, everyone was staring at us and laughing for taking pictures. It was actually very tasty – masala vegetable burger


Dinner was delicious! We went to a vegetarian restaurant not too far away and it was delicious! We had dosas, roti, corn tikka, aloo gobi mutter.. Unfortunately a bit too spicy but all fantastic and we paid £12 for 3 meals and 3 bottles of water.
I’ve had a wonderful time here in India, despite certain aspects being incredibly stressful. I’m going to miss my family so much, it’s been great having my dog around, I do love her loads. Check out these pictures we took earlier on our walk!

Hope you’ve all enjoyed my adventures! I certainly have xo

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