Day eight in Mumbai.

After getting up at midnight to watch City beat United •yaaaaaaay•
I didn’t get much sleep, we didn’t have breakfast and headed straight into the city, unaware of the horrendous journey we were about to endure.

There was a political rally taking place which caused numerous roads to be closed off, people were walking in the middle of the road, waving flags and banners.. It was complete madness! 25 miles, should take about 30 minutes and instead took 2 hours and 20 minutes. I was in such a foul mood, especially as we missed out on Starbucks! 😦

We headed to the 5* star Oberoi, Mumbai for tea and lunch. It is absolutely fantastic. White marble floors with a bright red piano in the centre of the lobby. It was so classy. The staff everywhere were incredibly friendly, helpful and so polite!

We were a little early so we sat in the tea lounge and I tried white Darjeeling tea – it was so light and refreshing.. Might look for it when I get home as I always have mango or cranberry tea, so a change might be nice.

Our lunch was the best food I’ve ever had in my life! We had delicious rolls with a pumpkin dip – warm!!
•wild mushroom and ricotta crepes with pearl barley
•guava and chilli sorbet
•gnocci peperonatta with goats cheese
•raspberry sorbet tiramisu

It was all so delicious.. New flavours, little spices here and there, for the first time ever I’ve enjoyed tiramisu and it was beautiful! I had 6 bread rolls to start so by the end of the meal I was truly bursting at the seams!


After last weeks doodling over lunch, and the bread roll scenario Mum bursts out with “you pig! Hashtag pig!” which led to this…
We had planned to wander around the town, find a market or some shops but mum didn’t feel too well so we decided to brave going home early. BIG MISTAKE. Another 2hour+ journey and I was once again beyond fed up. The continuous honking of horns and locals peering in the windows at us.. All I wanted to do was sit by the pool for a few hours.. But in the end I had an hour in the sun and a coke float to make life better once again.


After a Chippy walk around the compound mum joined me for dinner, of which I had very little tonight because lunch had filled me right up.

•vegetable salad
•dal makhani
•Corn capsicum masala
•steamed rice

The masala was quite bland except for some spice but the pieces of corn were crunchy and had a great taste to them. So it was a nice little dinner. I could eat roti forever though. ❤


This evening we just watched Anchorman – one of mine an Dad’s favourite films! It’s just so hilarious, I love Steve and Will!

& now I’m off to bed..

Thanks everyone who is reading, liking and following … Much appreciated xo

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