Day seven, back in Mumbai.

Today we left Bangalore after a boring breakfast and a challenging few hours of insane traffic, rude airport security staff and overpriced airport coffee.


We arrived in Mumbai early after quite an easy flight and after leaving behind the grey smog smothering Bangalore, we set eyes on some fantastic views.
Thankfully we survived the horrendous swarm of rude, unfriendly locals.. then we managed to nip through arrivals relatively quickly and grab an ice coffee served by two very friendly guys,
and headed off in the car to pick up Chippy!

She was so happy to see us that she couldn’t stop running around in circles going from me to mum to dad and back again, along with crying and barking all at once. She seemed happy though so they had obviously looked after her in the kennels ❤

drinking iced coffee water, & cuddles with mum & I•

Whilst mum and dad had a rest, I went straight to the pool as I have felt deeply deprived of my relaxation time this holiday, it is all quite stressful. There wasn’t a single person in sight and I had the whole pool&decking to myself. I did some writing, had a swim, ordered myself a coke float and tried to get myself a tan..
After staying by the pool for three hours I went up to the flat to watch the sunset, before walking the dog and then eating dinner.
•Chippy could see and hear dad coming home from his walk and she was going mad – barking and whimpering at him from the balcony!

The sunset was absolutely stunning and my iPhone just does not do it justice. The sky went from light blue and broke into whisps of yellow, orange, reds and bright pink.. It took mere seconds for the sun to finally disappear and that is when the most amazing colours lit up the sky.

Dinner was one of my favourites so far..
•Kairee Kuchambar Salad
•Aloo methi
•Sajahani vegetables
•Dal panchratna
•Steamed rice
•Roti and phulka breads

And our evening has been very low-key.. We’ve walked Chippy again, stumbled across a little frog and then watched tele before bed!
Looking forward to another wonderful day tomorrow! goodnight xo

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