Day six in Bangalore.

Our last day started with a rather large breakfast.. I wasn’t feeling well and knew we had a long day ahead of us so decided to fill myself up with fruit, cereal, pancakes, pastries and toast •


Mum and I set off to visit Bangalore Palace, but the driver mentioned this park he thought we should see. It was rather kind of him as I have got the impression he doesn’t like us too much.

Lalbagh Botantical Gardens: a 240-acre park, built in 1760 and is full of plants that have been imported from England, Turkey, Afghanistan.. A variety of birds, butterflies, loads of adorable stray dogs, but most excitably… Monkeys!! There were 3 of them walking around near the entrance and we were able to get quite close as well! They seemed very tame, letting people feed and take pictures of them! This definitely made the trip in the sweltering heat worthwhile ❤

Unfortunately much of the park was dried up and dead due to the drought, and many features were closed or being renovated. It has huge potential and the admission charge is only 10 rupees, disappointingly the locals have spoiled it by throwing rubbish absolutely everywhere despite the bins on every corner.


We moved on to the Palace, which was the biggest disappointment ever as the minute we stepped out of the car the security guards were rude. It’s a fascinating building, built to resemble part of Winsdor castle, however foreigners are charged over double what locals have to pay, and also an extra 625 rupees if you wanted to take photos. The staff were unbelievably rude so mum and I decided they didn’t deserve our money, and left. They were shouting after us saying “no photo, no photo!” … So I took a few cheeky snaps with my iPhone.. I wanted a picture as it was so interesting but I certainly wasn’t paying.




Our family lunch, we went back to the wonderful Oberoi hotel! We had the same food as the other lunch, TAPAS: fish cakes, blue cheese and spinach, goats cheese and roasted pepper and onions. It was delicious. Alongside a 2011 Pouilly-Fumé Sauvignon Blanc which was beautiful! I also tried a new ice tea – today it was strawberry!


Luckily I managed to have a nap and a shower before dressing up for dinner tonight, back at the Oberoi
*See previous post for outfit.

Thankfully, the lovely staff put the West Ham game on the television in the bar/lounge area and we got to watch that. Bloody brilliant game and we definitely deserved to win! Our dinner consisted of many more new iced teas, home made ginger ale, complimentary from the bar tender, a southern Indian style 3 course meal consisting of Idli, Uttapan, and a Dosa with various chutneys and a delicious spicy sambal. We also finished the wine we opened at lunch. Peeeerrfect!


I have had a great time here, albeit challenging with the rudeness and difficulty to get around on my own. The staff at the hotel Adarsh were pleasant enough. However, the staff at the fantastic Oberoi hotel were wonderful! nothing was too much trouble and they took honest interest in us. I am truly going to miss that place as we are heading back to Mumbai tomorrow. So, goodnight all!

hope you’re enjoying the posts xo

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