Day five in Bangalore.

Today was an interesting one.. We had an early breakfast in the hotel with Dad before he went to work, but unfortunately everything tasted like cardboard.


At half ten mum and I went around the city in search of some cheap, little trinkets, which we failed to find.


However, what we did come across was a little cove of shops, were we met a young guy who was just lovely! He let us look at all of the jewellery, wooden gifts, he had hundreds of shawls, pashminas and they were all so unique and stunningly hand-sewn. He offered us tea, gave us a ‘discount’ … which we know full well that everyone gets one.. I felt bad that I didn’t buy one of everything, but I just wouldn’t have the space at home. We wandered along Mahatma Gandhi Road and found a ‘Higgingbottoms’ bookshop, side stalls with souvenirs and in the end we gave up and sat in Cafe Coffee Day outside the Barton Centre..


I ordered a Berry smoothie – strawberry & banana – with ice cream and mum had an iced coffee with ice cream


In all honesty this place was awful.. All of the furniture was dirty and covered in flies. The menu said my drink was 116 rupees and the description said it included ice cream or whipped cream, however when we received the bill they had charged us an extra 50 rupees for ice cream. The service was okay but definitely would steer clear of that place.

no parking sign but all the auto-rickshaws have stopped there

We had to wait a while for Dad to finish work, but then went back to the Oberoi❤ for afternoon tea and a snack. It is so beautiful and peaceful there. It is a little haven. I had a basic Caesar salad with peach ice tea and a dark surprise – coca cola, ginger, crushed ice, lemon – both were delicious!





We tried to think of a plan where we could go as a family to visit the Taj Mahal and the surrounding areas, but we couldn’t come to a solution so we will get back to that…

having a walk around the Oberoi gardens

I had a two hour nap before mum and dad had opened a bottle of wine and ordered some small Indian snacks to the room before we headed out for dinner.. It was great. We had vegetable pakoras with a St Urbans-hoff Riesling wine.. Perfect combination with the spices!



And then we drove to Leela Palace and had a drink in their Library Bar. We had planned on having dinner out but it was quite expensive and the food selection was not great. A fantastic old style room though. The decoration was slightly over-the-top and pretentious but there was calm music playing, especially when Michael Bublé came on!


I ordered a cocktail, which I didn’t realise was £20! I never would of had it if I had known that.. But the bar tender brought the glass over on a tray and shook the cocktail in front of me in a mini cocktail shaker (can’t remember the actual name for it!)


The Melonpolitan
Personally I don’t think the name sounds right, and there was so much vodka in it I felt quite ill. Vodka, melon & cranberry juice

On the drive home we passed a little enclosure full of cows which were all lined up in a row asleep, except for a baby calf. It was adorable but too dark to get a picture, so here’s a drawing instead!


Starving when we got back to the hotel we ordered room service. They have quite a large selection of food until 11pm, then a smaller selection after that throughout the night. Unfortunately, it was all cold, over-spiced or just tasted slightly off. So we’re going to bed disappointed and a little hungry.


Dad has a great day planned for us tomorrow so fingers crossed it all goes well. I’m off to bed now, but not before browsing through my photos from this week and trying to clear my headache.


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