Day three in Mumbai.


cereal, melon, chocolate chip muffin, doughnut, pineapple juice, coffee, maggot-like mouth fresheners

Today was not the best day at all! We started with a walk and breakfast, and then had to take Chippy to the dog kennels as we are going to Bangalore for the weekend.. It was an hour north of Navi Mumbai in a National Park called Yeoor .. It was quite dry and most of the plants were ‘dead’. Poor Chippy didn’t want us to leave her, but everyone seemed kind to her.


As we drove back, mum asked the driver to pull over as she had seen a monkey!! He was adorable!! A little, fluffy grey, white and black thing. His tail was incredibly long and he kept looking down at us before swinging off into the Forrest. However we did come up close to cows and goats – incredible! It was such a new thing and so exciting.. We did see some horses as well and a few white geese.


We drove half an hour away from Navi Mumbai to a place called Mulund. Mum had been there before with her friends and said it was great for photographs, which it would’ve been if the men weren’t constantly staring at us and the women weren’t barging us out of the way.. I’ve never felt so uncomfortable in my life. The fruit and vegetables were fantastic though, so rich in colour, stacked up in tens which would’ve made beautiful pictures… But no way was I going to get my camera out around there. We quickly left and decided that going home would be the best option.

Our lunch at the apartment was delicious, yet another completely new Indian menu.. I even had seconds! Roti, raita, papad, aloo palak, cabbage mattar, dal tadka and steamed rice. I’m in love with the roti! I could eat them all day..


Lunch was followed by a swim and a few hours of lounging by the pool.. It was gorgeous. Boiling hot, clear blue skies and we ordered a mango-yoghurt smoothie for 50 pence!!!

This evening we walked out around the compound and stopped at a little hut where a lovely old couple were fixing shoes. We left them with a pair of Dad’s and after a few minutes of sign language and trying to communicate through no words of each others, they said he would fix them by 8 o’clock.. In the mean time we had dinner.. So amazing. Full of spices, flavours and all steaming hot.

I had bean sprout salad with cucumber yoghurt, Hyderbadi vegetable biriyani, tandoori aloo masala, dal makhani and a dish which strongly resembled mushy caterpillars! – Karela do pyaaza.. And the staff were nice enough to let me have a strawberry cake for dessert instead of the Indian fruit…


All of that dinner for £1!

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    1. Every night at this restaurant they have a vegetarian Indian buffet and it’s different every lunch and dinner.. For just one pound. It’s amazing!

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