Day one in Mumbai.

After landing half an hour early, trudging through baggage claim and finally bursting into the humid heat of Mumbai, I’ve been reunited with my mother! And the dog, of course. Boy I have missed her!


The traffic was horrendous, unlike anything I’ve experienced in all my years of travelling around Asia. Buses, cars, rickshaws, buffaloes, bikes and begging children rushing in every direction, narrowly missing a crash at every second. It certainly scared me!

Mum gave me a quick tour of the apartment and then whisked me down to the on-site restaurant for lunch with her girly-friends, one of whom had the most adorable children ever. It wasn’t much really, pesto pasta which ended up being like soup. Gross. So I had a few chips and a glass of water before heading upstairs to chill out.

We took Chippy for a walk.. The gardens are lovely! Peaceful, full of beautiful flowers as well, everyone smiled and said hello!

After a quick nap, I painted my nails a peachy colour and we headed down for dinner! A mini buffet of international, indian and vegetarian food. Mum and I both went for the Veggie and had a spicy salad with cucumber and paprika yoghurt.. Steamed rice with aloo gobi, dal chawli, gulnar ki pasand and some roti! Followed by a slice of chocolate cake for dessert!

The meal was absolutely fantastic! Nothing had any oil on it, no excess fats or the sorts of rubbish you get in take aways.. We had one last dog walk and now I’m just relaxing before bed!

my dinner, costing £1.00

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